Why do we exist?

We have been providing automotive software since 2009 and are a unique mix of automotive and tech experts. We are passionate about creating an automotive experience that grows with today’s rapidly evolving motor industry. We are all digital natives who love and use technology everyday.

SalesMaster is evolving the way vehicles are transacted. Real-time product information and availability data is critical to connecting all parties concerned. Our customers are vehicle manufacturers and dealer groups. They need lightning fast access to data across many locations and devices, in real-time.

Our connected automotive platform leverages the latest technology to make that possible for the first time. Data is often locked away in large legacy systems that are too expensive or too embedded to change. That's where we come in - making the impossible, possible. Our platform collects and unlocks that data, making it portable and available on all devices.

How did we get here?


We are uniquely positioned with our proprietry technology and products in place. Years ahead of anyone else in our field. Time to build lasting partnerships.

Last year

Scaling up. Scaling out. Testing the market and making our platform ready for big business, manufacturers and consumer facing levels of usage. Stabilising and pushing code weekly.

A couple of years ago

Building and breaking, building some more. Pushing what was possible technically to the limits. Developing our own in-house solutions to some big problems. Working with key partners who were happy to beta test in exchange for pushing the envelope. Pushing code daily.

When we were founded

Refining the idea, battle tested inside of the Wayside dealer group. Solving real-world problems as fast as possible. Iterating over solutions and pushing code live almost hourly.

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