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There's a specific 'thing' that makes a person SalesMaster and it's something you might just have.

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A little bit about us

We are more than automotive; we have a really diverse range of experiences - but we think that makes us better at what we do. We're automotive at our core and there's a real heritage from all areas of the car industry at SalesMaster so we truly know our customers... because we were the first customer!

The variety of experience is what drives our innovation - we solve automotive problems with mindsets from a wide range of industries. We have people who have worked in the charity sector, people who have delivered e-commerce for high-street retailers, people from acedemia... If the automotive industry is going through a transformation then it needs the skills and expertise from a number of different industries.

All vehicles have a wide range of radically different components, SalesMaster are no exception.

Our ethos

We have a vision of what makes a person SalesMastery; we embrace the fact that not every company is a perfect fit for every person, so we actively seek those that are a great fit for us.

We love solving problems. We aren't afraid to get it wrong - we'd rather take the leap and learn from it than be too afraid to try. We learn quickly and share our learnings with one another. We don't point fingers if we make a mistake. We strive to achieve what others can't. We believe in collaboration.

We aren't corporate. We're relaxed and friendly. We prefer t-shirts and smiles over suits and frowns. We believe in flexibility to ensure that you're happy, rested and ready to give your best. We work as a team at all times. We don't clock-watch, we care about results.

Our vacancies

We're not currently looking to grow the team, but that changes all the time! If you're either a Ruby on Rails engineer, from an automotive background or particularly passionate about delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) then get in touch.