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Fleet Focused Order Management.



FLEETBASE structures vital order processing data in a way that mirrors the real world. Flexible workflow and real-time work queues allow you to effectively manage fleet orders from quotation through to delivery, across multiple teams and locations. The complexities of trying to manage fleet orders using spreadsheets melt away. SalesMaster was built for fleet by people that understand fleet.


Successful fleet businesses are built on efficient administration, accurate cost control and excellent customer service. Managing large order volumes, multiple customer relationships and diverse business rules can be complex, but at SalesMaster we understand these business requirements and FLEETBASE has been designed specifically for this purpose. Integrated vehicle stock and manufacturer data feeds simplify order processing and maintains accuracy as volumes increase. Flexible permissions ensure users have the information they need, when they need it. Quotations, orders, PDI, logistics and reporting... FLEETBASE can handle it all and more.

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Key features


Full cycle order management, automatic status updates, PDI and delivery controls. Powerful real-time forecasting and reporting.

Fleet Customer Database

Manage data centrally across multiple brands and sites with your required permissions. Capture fleet specific information and target customer activity.


Quotations are simpler to create than ever before with integrated factory order pricing and optional feeds from STOCKBOOK. Designed specifically for fleet use with multiple customer relationships for end-users, funders and drivers.


Professional documents are automatically created to provide consistency and branding. No more re-keying into spreadsheet templates!


Manage your fleet sales team with high level grouping by sites and activity types.


Drag and drop calendar view makes it really easy to create and update events. Our powerful timeline view provides lightning fast search and filtering.

Busy fleet department running on spreadsheets?

Find out more about FLEETBASE, our fleet focused solution.

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