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Real time stock and pipeline visibility for all stock types.

Use innovative full-text search to query 247 different vehicle attributes to match your customer with their perfect car.

Share to online marketplaces. Publish to your own website.

All of your data. In one place. Available everywhere.

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Tag and broadcast

Broadcast vehicle offers instantly using our flexible tagging system to focus team effort.

It can be really difficult to know which vehicles within the retailer (or even within the entire group) are eligible for certain incentives or promotions. It can be time consuming trying to work this out too, meaning you're spending time doing admin and not selling. By tagging vehicles (and even adding them to campaigns) you can quickly group inventory together - you can then share this with your entire team so that everyone benefits from the same view.


Visibility of what is deliverable this month. Plan ahead - sell from pipeline stock before it lands.

By having full pipeline visibility you can easily see where the vehicle is in the production cycle long before it arrives. This allows physical vehicles to be sold before they even reach the premises, allowing for better planning and inventory anticipation. You can then (using STOCKBOOK) get reports on your existing position and focus sales teams knowing what impact the pipeline has on your holding.

Search anything!

Just like Google. Type what you want and we figure the rest out. Even options.

What makes our search class-leading is the fact it intuitively works like a regular search engine. It intelligently makes assumptions for what you mean, so if you wanted to find all the blue Audi A3's, you'd simply search for "A3" and then "blue". The results instantly get filtered to match your criteria. You could search "keyless" to find all vehicles with keyless entry. This allows you to quickly and easily match the customer with their perfect car from stock.

Team collaboration

Live cross-team sales status management makes double selling a thing of the past.

STOCKBOOK cleverly allows for the entire team to have real-time visibility of the entire inventory. By setting a vehicle to "under negotiation" it locks that vehicle for a defined period of time for that sale to conclude. If the vehicle isn't progressed to "sold", it returns to "available". The entire sales team can see at any moment which vehicles are available and which are not, vastly reducing the chance of double-selling.

Factory updates

Factory updates on new vehicle production progress with build week/availability dates.

What makes STOCKBOOK particularly powerful is that we continually update vehicle information based on nightly factory feeds. So whatever stage the vehicle is at in production, the vehicle on STOCKBOOK reflects that. So any changes made during this process are quickly updated on the interface.

Power online sales

Power your website in real-time with dynamic stock feeds.

STOCKBOOK can expose your inventory using our API to power any online sales channel. We have pre-existing integrations with major players like GForces, BlueSky and Roadster - but our API is open to be connected to any system. Whether it's a company we haven't yet integrated with or something bespoke, our API is ready to use and included in your contract.

Media publishing

One-click publishing of your inventory to Auto Trader or carwow.

We know that loading vehicles onto media sites can be a time-consuming process that is easily overlooked when you're concentrating on selling. So that's why we built the functionality to just one-click publish whichever vehicles you want to either Auto Trader or carwow. That way you can spend less time doing admin and more time with your customers.

"This solution has improved our sales conversion by 8% this year"

Dominic Wright - New Car Sales Director - Sytner Group

"SalesMaster have a class leading inventory optimisation tool that is head and shoulders above any of the monolithic DMS / stock feed providers"

Commercial Director - Jardine Motors Group

What our customers say

"It is excellent to see the instant impact STOCKBOOK has had on our sales. Having all of our available stock on one, easy-to-navigate platform has helped with efficiency and allowed us to offer customers available alternative vehicles, rather than wait for factory orders."


"STOCKBOOK enables a standardisation of the way live information is presented to our teams, to enhance our customers’ experience. It provides a greater depth of information than our previous system, ensuring a clear live view of all physical and incoming stock"


"STOCKBOOK has been able to significantly refine our fleet proposition by providing genres with access to a much wider stock pool, increasing the chance of matching customers with their perfect car."


"The products that SalesMaster has developed have become the industry standard, and we are confident that its solutions will allow us to continue evolving the car dealership experience."


"Since implementing STOCKBOOK, we have seen a massive improvement in the way stock is managed."



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