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We believe that great customer service comes from putting customers at the heart of what we do. We understand your business and between us have years of first-hand experience working in automotive.

Need help?

Our system is pretty intuitive, but if you get stuck, have a question or simply want to know more, please get in touch with our Support Team who are here to help and get you up and running as soon as possible.

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And please don’t forget to rate us once we have answered your question - we genuinely use feedback to constantly improve our service to you. Plus, we are pretty proud of our 93%* customer satisfaction rate!

*Based on Q1-Q2 2020
Our helpdesk is open standard business hours, Monday to Friday.


We're really proud of our uptime because for a system your business has to rely on, it's important that it is always available.

In 2021 with zero pauses on full 24/7/365 measurement, our production system's availability was 99.88%.

Here's the last 12 months of our system uptime for your reassurance.

Month Uptime
January 2022 100%
December 2021 100%
November 2021 99.84%
October 2021 100%
September 2021 100%
August 2021 99.99%
July 2021 99.83%
June 2021 99.99%
May 2021 99.92%
April 2021 99.93%
March 2021 100%
February 2021 99.77%

System status

Here we post updates about our service and any disruption that might be encountered when using the platform. Don't worry though, these are really rare.

Service Status
Authentication HEALTHY
Administration HEALTHY